Colossal Calves with Daz the Bull PART 1.

18th September 2018

Smith Machine Calves Raise

Calves and how you really do need them to impress the judges and win the trophies.

I’ve sat with many bodybuilding judges while they pass comment about competitors on stage. Far too many times I have heard, ‘If only that guy had grown his calves, he would be a full package and win the show’. They say a show can be won from the rear. So, why the hell would anyone neglect their calves? “Its all about collosal calves!”

I hear all the time, every sort of excuse possible to why people don’t train calves or legs even. And if you think that a few leg extensions as fast as possible once a week, constitutes as a hard leg session, then you need to think again.

I’m going to give you my tips on how I grew freaky calves that helped me win many shows. You can’t beat turning heads of people as they think, ‘what are those strange slabs of muscle on that guy’s legs?’.

Essentials Highs

There are a few things that you need to keep locked into your mind while your training your calves. This also applies to many other muscle groups too. It’s not how fast you do the rep or movement. Yes, as with many exercises, it’s about keeping the tension and stress of the movement locked onto the muscle your working. When you think you’re at the full contraction, YOU NEED TO GO HIGHER. Do not bounce through the movement as this is highly likely to cause unwanted stress on the Achilles tendon and could snap it. It’s not all about the weight you lift. If you can’t correctly contract and get the muscle to fire or respond correctly during the movement. Then you have just jumped past the point of which your calves are lifting the weight. Wear an excellent flat thin-soled pair of trainers or boots. You need to allow for movement in your toes. A regular pair of trainers won’t allow movement or too high enough. Otomix boots are perfect for this.

It’s not how fast you do the rep or movement

  1. Keep the tension/stress locked onto the muscle you’re working
  2. When you’re at the top of the movement, you need to push even higher
  3. Do not bounce during the movement
  4. Don’t ego lift, you will get more growth from a lighter set, that you can squeeze the muscle on
  5. Wear suitable footwear, that you can lift your heels and tilt onto the front of the foot with

There are many pieces of equipment in a gym that you can do some form of calve exercises on. I feel it’s good to do a variation of exercises to work the heads of the muscle from different angles to eliminate stagnant periods of growth.

No matter what piece of equipment that you chose to blast your calves on, and if you’ve ever felt the muscle burn while doing calves hard, you will know what I mean by a blast. The principal of speed and movement with contraction is the same.