Federation Tips For Competing

24th October 2018

The federations are the people that hold your competitive future in thier hands, here are the tips I’ve heard are what all the difference between winning or losing.

Show day needs to run to plan and be STRESS free, as stress will single handedly destroy all your work.

Tip 1.

Prior to show day, formulate your plan of action, including the day before and put it down in writing. Include in this a checklist, everything needed for these days, Including a contingency plan to cover any foreseable problems. Pack your bag & ensure you have enough food and water for the day, including any possible delays, also include spare trunks/costume and a pump up band as well as a spare copy of your music.

Tip 2.

Travel arrangements; If your travelling some distance, book a hotel so you can relax and prepare. If your travelling on the day of the show, set out first thing & ensure you arrive at the venue early so as to avoid delays. This way you can register as soon as possible, get the running order, which will enable you to plan for the day. At all times make sure you you are in ear shot of the venues tannoy or keep in touch with an official so, you can keep track of how the show is running, so,  you have an idea when your class will be on..That being said its always good to find a quiet corner, where you can lie down, keep calm & put your legs up..

Tip 3.
One thing of utmost importance is CONDITION, you must have the required condition for the class you are aiming to compete in. This is includes low body fat & dehydration so as to clearly show definition & muscle seperation. If your Fat or watery, or both then a judge cannot assess you on potential alone. You can have the best balance/symmetry and pose like a pro, but if they can’t see your muscle, you can’t be judged.
Tip 4.
Tan; ensure you use a Competition Tan from a reputable company. Do a trial run with the product if possible before show day. If you are using the services of a tanning company, make sure you follow their protocol & guidelines from start to finish. Don’t moisturise before your first coat of tan unless its a specified product which works in conjunction with your tanning product. Take note that when using diuretics, they can affect your skin PH levels and this may cause a reaction with your tan, creating a green tinge. Also make sure your tan is suitable for your respective class, follow the guide lines of the federation/association you are competing with. A common mistake that a lot of competitors make is to apply a tan that is too dark, this along with harsh stage lights will hide definition and condition. Too little tan, or no tan at all, along with the harsh stage lights will wash out any condition/separation as well as making you look watery.