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Established 1980. Based in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

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Established 1965

Founded by Dorian Yates

Based in Birmingham

Dorian Yates & Temple Gym

Now located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, Temple Gym is feasibly one of the most famous, hardcore weights gyms this world has ever seen.  Established in the early sixties, the gym in Birmingham was taken over by Dorian Yates, six times Mr Olympia best known for his Blood and Guts Workouts and HIT (High-Intensity Training) program, the Dorian Yates Temple Gym was where Yates built his monstrous physique and changed bodybuilding forever.  Temple gym, Birmingham is proud to continue to reflect the training standards and hardcore values instilled by Dorian Yates and later, his son Lewis Yates, providing a serious hardcore weights gym, with a fantastic, supportive atmosphere.

The Heritage of Temple Gym

Beginning in the early sixties, Temple Gym, Birmingham was originally situated on Temple Row and was established as a martial arts centre with a reputation for having a unique and conducive atmosphere for super-intensive training. Yates began his training here until the gym was forced to close, for various reasons. In 1987, Yates and his partner took over the gym in Birmingham, which Yates later became the sole, 100% owner of.

Temple Gym became a massive success, at just 3000 square feet it was relatively small in size, yet the Dorian Yates Temple Gym made a big impact.  With just the essentials including minimal cardio, some showers and changing rooms, the hardcore weights gym was packed with hardcore and functional equipment including plenty of Hammer Strength, a leg press, Flex equipment and dumbbells up to 220 lbs.  In this small cellar, otherwise known as the dungeon, Dorian Yates Temple Gym provided rigorous training programs for his customers, including his infamous Blood and Guts program and unique HIT (High-Intensity Training) style, helping others to achieve their personal targets and get the most out of their gym experience.

By 2006, the Dorin Yates Temple Gym had four franchises in California, Las Vegas and the UK.  Yates’s son and bodybuilder, Lewis Yates, joined his father to continue to add value and expand the hardcore weights gym empire. By this time, the Temple Gym in Birmingham had become world-renowned.

Now in the hands of new management, Temple Gym has been relocated to the Jewellery Quarter.  With all the original Nautilus machines, hammer strength and cast-iron dumbbells that helped to sculpt six-time Mr Olympian, Dorian Yates, combined with his values and training style, including his Blood and Guts and High-Intensity Training program, all of which are being embraced by the next generation of bodybuilders.

Dorian Yates, 6 times Mr Olympia winner

Where he came from

Dorian Yates is a professional bodybuilder who won the Mr Olympia title six consecutive times between the years 1992 to 1997.  With an abundance of Mr Olympia awards, Yates is the fourth highest ranking bodybuilder in the world, following Ronnie Coleman (8 awards), Lee Haney (8 awards), Arnold Schwarzenegger (7 awards) and Phil Heath (7 awards).  Yates is considered to be one of the top bodybuilders in modern history.

Born in 1962 in Hurley, Yates moved to Warwickshire and was raised in the rural town of Staffordshire.  As a teenager, he and his family moved to Birmingham and in 1983 Yates started working out, beginning his successful career as a bodybuilder.  Remaining out of the public eye, Yates would hide out in the Dungeon of Temple Gym, Birmingham before emerging to unexpectedly appear at contests, going on to steal the show, earning himself the nickname “The Shadow”.  It was even reported he turned down offers of large supplement endorsement contracts and avoided interviews and televised publicity, so as to give full commitment to his training.

Over the course of his professional career, Yates won 15 major contests and gained two second-place finishes, becoming arguably the most successful British bodybuilder of all time.  However, he was forced to retire from professional bodybuilding after suffering from chronic acute injuries, including torn biceps and triceps, that latter of which he received just three weeks prior to his final contest, the 1997 Mr Olympia, which he won despite his injuries.

In his training program, Dorian Yates created the Blood and Guts workout, applying a style of training known as High-Intensity Training, aimed at maximising muscle stimulation through short, high-intensity workouts, instead of the more traditional, longer workouts.  This style of training has been highly recommended and popularised by bodybuilding professionals such as Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer.

Post-competitive bodybuilding

Since leaving competitive bodybuilding, Yates has partnered with Mike and Ray Mentzer to establish athletic marketing company ‘Heavy Duty Inc’ in California in 1994, before going on to partner with Kerry Kayes to form a bodybuilding supplement company called ‘CNP Professional’ in 1998, which marketed a Dorian Yates approved product range.  Leaving this business in 2006, Yates established his own company, called the ‘Dorian Yates Ultimate Formulas’, which provides a range of protein and weight-gain supplements.  In 2010 he formed a second company, ‘EU Peptides’, selling pro-hormone supplements and peptide hormones, though he left here in 2012.  Finally, in 2011, Yates established his third company, ‘DY Nutrition’, specialising in pre-workout formulas and training DVD’s.

Over the years, Yates has conducted seminar tours internationally and has created a program that trains entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of becoming successful gym owners.  He has published an autobiography, two workout videos, one of which is called Blood and Guts and is based on High-Intensity Training, he has co-authored a book, called ‘A Warrior’s Story’ and he attended the worldwide premiere of the feature film ‘Dorian Yates: Inside the Shadow’ at the BAFTA in London.

What Temple Gym has to offer now

Now situated in the Jewellery Quarter, the Temple Gym in Birmingham still has the original hammer strength, nautilus machines and cast-iron dumbbells that sculpted the 6 times Mr. Olympia winner, Dorian Yates to become England’s only Mr Olympia winner.   Consistent with its heritage to embody the Dorian Yates Temple Gym, the hardcore weights gym continues to provide its customers with:

  • A world-renowned training centre
  • Affordable non-contract memberships
  • High-Intensity Training programs and Blood and Guts style training, designed to build muscle, lose weight and improve fitness
  • Discounts for women and students

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