NO BULLSH#T Guide to the Best Protein

17th September 2018

Dorian Yates and Darren Nicholhurst at the BAFTA

Hi Guys, if any of you follow me on Instagram (@daz_the_bull), you will know all about my escapades with the best known bodybuilders in the world, not forgetting our very own 6 times Mr.Olympia Dorian Yates. Having spent many years watching and learning first hand, here are the sources of the best protein that you can possibly use. Enjoy!!!

The BEST Sources of Protein

By Darren Nicholhurst


Many times, I’ve overheard conversations between people asking, ‘Where do I get protein from?’

Too many times, I had a conversation while giving talks to people about the importance of the source, and that it’s not all about numbers.

For example, if you were to buy a high street cheap and nasty processed meat that has all manner of unnatural fillers, stabilisers and additives in it, and on the box, it says ‘25grams of protein,’ well, you’re not going to get that. The reason for this is simple, and a good rule to remember.  This processed poor quality food, won’t process easily in our digestive system. It contains many added ingredients that our digestive enzymes struggle to break down and if anything, take many extra hours and possibly  bloatedness, compared to quality meat.

The Facts

So, if there was 25g of protein in the poor quality, by the time the stomach acids have managed to break it down and absorb it, the 25g has diminished considerably. Whereas the quality meat in its natural form will process and be absorbed much faster and benefit the body’s muscles and cells in a far better way.

Your best sources of protein are as follows –

. Whole eggs

. Egg whites

. Chicken breast

. Turkey breast

. Beefsteak

. Buffalo

. Salmon

. Bass

. Cod

. Pea

. Rice

The list goes way beyond this, and if your vegetarian or vegan, then the list is even longer.  There are many similar alternatives of equal quality, for example, mackerel instead of bass.

The main point I’m putting across is that there are MANY protein-rich foods . All of which all have their own qualities.

Different protein sources will be more suitable than others, depending on the time of the day for you. Here is what I mean…

If you were to choose something like steak, it’s a quality source of protein and fats and is naturally coarse in texture. As a resul t, it takes a long time to digest and breakdown. This isn’t something you’d want to eat before you train. The reason being, your gut is going to feel full. The cortisol levels will spike, causing the digesting of the beef even harder (cortisol spikes down-regulate digestion). If you were to compare this to something much faster and easier to digest, such as fish.

Key factors to consider when choosing your protein source

1. Although eggs are nutritionally great, they are a very common antagonist of inflammation within the gut, which can be extremely uncomfortable for some. If this happens to you,   then you’d be better off removing them for 6-8 weeks and gradually re-introducing them.

2. ead to sensitivity to that food. If this were to happen, it It’s far better to have a broad range of protein sources, allowing your body to have a wider variety  of amino acids available.

3. Certain meats are inferior to others, such as pork. This is due to the fact the leucine content is so low (the reason why high protein foods help build muscle, ultimately).