The Super Seminar Series (Cain Leathem)


Date: 29 July 2018
Time: 12pm til 3pm


Learn and discover the right way of training, different training methods, do they work or don’t they by Internationally Recognised Exercise & Nutritionist Consultant, Lecturer and professional speaker, Cain Leathem.

The engaging and interactive delivery will cover aspects of anatomy and physiology as well as some bio-mechanics.

How will you benefit from this Seminar? This understanding will then evolve your training knowledge by working WITH the body, we will learn how it adapts and grows and how best to ensure that your training is safe and specific to YOU!

What else will be included in the Seminar? Well one of the most important subjects, Nutrition. The complex subject of nutrition will be an eye-opener for many…there are myths and mistakes in this field and Cain will introduce THE TRUTH about what Muscle Gain is, Fat Loss, Performance and Optimal Health.

Everyone is different, so to will be there training and nutrition. To fully individualise any plan requires assessment of that person, that is why we will discuss some of the tests available via Bloods, DNA, Body Composition, Fat Burning Zones and more!

This truly will be a whirlwind and is not to be missed, an eye opener / life changing. Knowledge is power.

Purchase your ticket now, and we’ll see you on Sunday 29th July which starts at 12pm until 3pm !